I made this site to help my mum, who was struggling to understand what super option was right for her. As I did more research, I found that a lot of Australians are under-served by their super – there are large gaps in outcome even among default MySuper fund options. I decided to broaden the scope and make something that would help people make better decisions about their retirement.

I found that in general, Australians are paying too much for super funds, are often in options unsuitable for them (i.e. a 30-year-old in a balanced/conservative option) and are losing money by having multiple accounts and overlapping insurance. So using index fund investment options, optimising for the lowest fees and consolidating super accounts are the simplest ways to get more from your money.

This site can only be improved through feedback, so please let me know if it helped you, or if you think something could be better explained.


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